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CHABOOSE® Testimonials

Chaboose® Testimonials

From Boise to San Diego - August 2010

“Wow. This is really unusual. What a cool idea.” - Pala, CA (female commentator)

“I LOVE this! It’s so retro! This is so cool!” - Rancho Benardo, CA (male commentator)

“Yeah, I could totally see myself sitting in this.” - Bridal show (male commentator)

“I love the idea that I can take this anywhere and not have to bake in the sun. It’s just perfect.” - San Diego, CA (female commentator)

“Wow, you did it! This is far better than those cheap umbrellas. And, you’re almost completely covered from the sun.” - La Jolla, CA (Patent Attorney, male commentator)

“This is just AWESOME! I LOVE it!” - Boise, ID (female commentator)

“It’s about time someone come up with something a lot better than those bulky, outdated umbrellas and heavy canopies. This is far more easier to pack around, too.”

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